Thursday, March 1, 2012


I forgot my camera at Nephew's house yesterday so I couldn't post this last night and I couldn't take proper pictures of DD's skating lesson last night either. -slaps head- Quick post on lunch yesterday.

Yesterday we did an ocean themed lunch. It was another big hit.

DD's Plate

Nephew's Plate

When They asked what they were having for lunch and I told them special hotdogs, Nephew informed me he doesn't like hotdogs and wouldn't be eating them. However, when he saw the Octo-dogs he asked for seconds.

On the plates:

Octo-dog on top of a Cheesy Beach cheese slice
Berry Blue Jello Ocean
Banana Boat
Strawberry sail
Redvine fishing pole
Goldfish crackers
Berry Blue Jello Whale and Fish
Water to drink

Couple of close ups:


Banana Boat

Jello fish and whale

DD ate everything and Nephew ate everything except the Jello ocean, which is pretty good and I didn't even mind because that was a lot of Jello and he made up for it by eating two octo-dogs. They even made up a story about the food while they ate, which will probably end up as a separate post.

Today's food seemed less exciting to me because I couldn't think of a good theme I wanted to do with the letter of the day from preschool (S), but they gobbled it up and seemed to enjoy it none the less.

Nephew's Plate

DD's Plate

Today they got stegosaurus sandwiches. I used my stegosaurus cookie cutter to cut the shapes after the sandwiches were made. Nephew wanted grilled cheese again and DD wanted turkey, so they ate different sandwiches.

Side dishes:

String cheese trees (I pre-strung the tops to make the leaves!)
Gold fish crackers
Carrot Sticks
Peanut butter cracker sandwiches
Milk to drink

Gobble gobble went the kiddos and the story was creative again.

Happy birthday to Nephew's mommy today. If I had a birthday cake shaped cookie cutter that was going to be the theme of the day, but alas, for all the wonderful shapes my cutter pack had it did not include birthday stuff.

Tomorrow will be lots of fun celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday though! Day 1 of the SOLSC is today.

Happy Blogging.


  1. Oh, so much fun! I love the food! I'm a FACS teacher and I teach 6 Language Arts in middle school so I may share some of your ideas. Besides I'. partial to your name. It's my daughter's name too! Same spelling! Wonderful! Happy Slicing! :o)

  2. Cutie-plates. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your fun-food!