Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SOLCS - 28

So, who can believe there's only 3 days left in March? Not me. It seems like just last week we started this challenge. There have been hard days, there have been days where nothing seemed to make sense when I was writing, or reading, I get so brain-dead sometimes. But here we are, almost all the way to the end! We did it slicers!

Pat yourselves on the back for me because you all are amazing and fantastic! I have been blessed to be part of this community for the past month. Thank you for welcoming me in with open arms! Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts.


  1. Well done, Krafty Kara! Your slices are always very enjoyable to read.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Mandy @ The Chockboard

  2. I agree with you. Can you believe we have written for 28 days already? Woo hoo!