Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sometimes nature is cruel

There's something about this tree. I love it and I absolutely hate it. It's comforting to see whenever I pull into my driveway, the familiarity of it's full roundness filling up my yard. Reaching from the side of my house to the swing set, laying it's claim like a child.

If I'm touching it, it's mine and you better not touch it unless you ask me first.

Then the spring comes, and it starts blooming in this rich plum red color. It goes rather well with the slide as a matter of fact, and I've given lots of thought to tying my space together by adding that color to the trim of my house.

Unfortunately for me, and the tree to because of the feelings this brings, with the spring and the blooming comes the wasps nest. If only I could find a solution that will work for my tree for more than a couple of weeks to keep the wasps away and still allow my beautiful tree to prosper in my yard. But I've come to hate it because of it's wild wasp attraction. I've never had a tree that attracted insects the way this one does and I can't wait to move away and take all the beautiful bug free pictures of this tree to keep in my memory and let the next owners of this house deal with the tree they way they want.

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  1. The tension between what you love and hate is moving. I wish the best in finding a solution. Blooming its rich plum red color sounds delightful. MaryHelen