Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Papa - DD's first venture into photography. Aug '10
My Papa has always been one of my favorite people. Both of them really, but my Dad's dad passed away a number of years ago. My Mom's dad has been going downhill since just after I moved to Washington with my husband.

Now understand he had typical old age things wrong with him before, his vision wasn't great without his glasses anymore, he had a hard time hearing things and they usually had to be repeated 3 or 4 times. But he was still fairly healthy. They eat well, he used to take the dog for 2 walks a day, he had his routine and it kept him going.

Then he took a fall and hurt his hip. So that affected his walks. With his lowered activity rate, his health is going downhill fast. He's tired all the time and just wants to sleep. I worry about him, but he's not listening to anyone in our family. When he's sick he never takes his medicine. He stopped wearing his hearing aides. Sometimes I think he's just giving up on life, even though he promises he's not.

My mom called me today, he's being admitted to the hospital. He has pneumonia, but they want to do some tests to see if he has Congestive Heart Failure. I'm scared. I want to pack up my family and move back down to Arizona because I'm afraid of all the people I won't get to say goodbye too. I miss my Papa, and this news scares me.


  1. Kara Thank you for sharing this heart wrenching piece. I know how you must be concerned about your special grandad. I want to comfort you, but there are no words that will help when you are worried about your loved ones. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  2. Yes, I totally understand what you're going through, I'm far from home too. Take every opportunity to hug and show love to your dearest ones when you can. The distance really makes their preciousness in full focus. I too will keep you and your family in my prayers