Friday, March 23, 2012

So tired.

I'm very tired tonight so I apologize ahead of time if my post is a bit of a yawn. It was a gloriously sunny day out and DD, Nephew and I got some good old fashioned fresh air and outdoors time. First we took a music class. They learned how to creatively move their bodies to music from a different culture, they learned to sing in a different language, they learned to play instruments and learned to read/write music. Non of this stuff was mastered. It was our first class and it's for young kids. So it's basics. But then we went to the park and they ran around and jumped and climbed and rolled around until their bellies hurt from laughing so hard.

Then we got back to Nephew's house and I started making dinner. I sliced the potatoes, coated them in olive oil stuck them in their foil pouch and baked them for about an hour. They were nice and tender and Nephew T gave them great reviews. I pan cooked some thinly sliced steaks in minced garlic and olive oil and served it on crusty french bread. Made a Caesar salad (from a kit) and cracked open a fruit bowl. It was a big hit with Nephew T who hasn't liked many of the chicken dinners I've made but has gobbled up everything beef. He even asked for some seconds! DD, well what can I say, she's a s----l----o----w eater. But she eats. She finished everything on her plate except her salad, but she's not my salad eater, and she did give it a fair try. Nephew, however, didn't eat his meat or his potatoes. He wanted to eat fruit and salad for dinner. -pouts- Even the dog got in on some of the meat. I cut up a slice of steak and mixed it with her dinner. I love steak sandwiches, if I could eat them everyday and end it with something marshmallowy for dessert I'd be the happiest girl in the world.

But I am tired now. I think the kids enjoyed the music class so it may become a regular Friday activity until one/both of them start kindergarten. TGIF! Happy blogging!

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  1. Music class is fun! I did one with my son when he was a baby and again when he was older about 4. I don't know which was more exhausting; carrying him and lifting him in the air to music or chasing him around! Enjoy sleeping in - I'm going to do the same!