Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Amazing Submarine Adventure

So today I really needed to clean my car. I had to pull out the stuff and vacuum the floors and the seats and wash the outside (stupid in WA where it rains every day but it still needs to get done sometimes). Nephew and DD came with me first thing this morning to the self service car wash where, $3 later the small bag of trash was out, the stuff for inside my house was in a box in my trunk and the floors and seats were vacuumed up, and I had wiped down my dash with one of those nice lemon scented wipes that cleaned my window too.

Then as we started to drive home, inspiration struck in the form of commercial memory. Maybe you've seen this. Instead of goldfish food, DD and Nephew had toy whales and we went on our own submarine adventure. They came up with the submarine being attacked by jellyfish. I didn't even mention that part to them, which is why it's not an octopus. They had a blast and immediately started talking about going through the carwash again tomorrow. Oh boy, how to explain to two preschoolers that the carwash isn't an everyday thing, when all they see it as is an adventure.

After the adventure we headed home for real and had crescent sandwiches. Meats and cheeses and hot dogs were the fillings for these sandwiches. They filled the little tummies and after picking up Nephew T from his half day, DD and Nephew took naps that they both desperately needed. It was a good day. I made a good memory with the kiddos, I made a good lunch, a yummy dinner and finished off making a few Pinterest recipes.

'Crack' bread, S'more Trail Mix, and Bailey's Irish Coffee Creme Fudge

Nephew's mommy is my taste test guinea pig and she complained just tonight how her jeans were a little too snug this afternoon. -evil laugh- My plan is working! (Shhh don't tell). 2 More days. Happy blogging!

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  1. You tricky little thing you...I'm on to your plan. So glad that the kids had fun on their journey.