Monday, March 5, 2012

muffin tin monday

Happy Monday, everyone. I am not a Monday lover. In fact, one of my very favorite sayings is, "People would like Mondays better if they started later." I tend to agree. I'm not an early person any day of the week, but 6:30 am Monday morning seems to come a good hour earlier than 6:30 am any other weekday.

Nephew couldn't wait for DD to get here with her daddy today. He was bouncing off the walls asking for her a lot. So when time came to start cooking lunch and they walked through the door, the cook time seemed to fly. They were too busy talking about their weekends to complain about being hungry. Today was a typical Muffin Tin Monday lunch.

DD's Plate
Nephew's Plate
 In the Muffin Tins:
Celery sticks with peanut butter
Crescent Roll sandwiches
Vanilla yogurt w/sprinkles
Orange slices
Ranch dip
Broccoli and carrots

They each had half of two different sandwiches. I made crescent sandwiches with roast beef and provolone cheese and ones with turkey and american. So I cut one of each sandwich in half and gave them each half. Sadly, this lunch was not as much of a hit as past ones have been but they ate plenty. Both kids ate the sandwiches, Nephew doesn't eat much lunch meat so this was a small victory for me. All the broccoli and carrots were eaten, all the celery was left (mommy got to eat it though!). The yogurt was used as a dip for the oranges and after about half the oranges were gone they both finished their yogurt.

After lunch, the little super heroes decided they were going to save the city and now are pounding back and forth upstairs, so at least I know the lunches are giving them tons of energy! Welcome to slice 5. Happy blogging!


  1. I am a variety eater, so I like this plan. I might just have to make my husband and I some muffin tin dinners...

  2. Hey, any time a kid eats broccoli is a HUGE victory in my book - my girl won't touch it! These look like yummy tins!