Friday, March 9, 2012

Hockey in the spring

Today the kids had a small lunch because lately, our big eaters have not been eating their dinners. I think it's because they're eating a good deal more at lunch. So we're going to try to proportion out lunch a little better and see if we can't find a good balance between lunch and dinner.

They very gently reminded me today that they're getting bologna sandwiches with chips on them (no yucky red ketchup for Nephew). That's how I eat them, because I like a little crisp with my bologna. So they wanted it, and they both scarfed the sandwiches.

Nephew had a Hockey helmet (yes I know it's really a football helmet, but he plays hockey so he went for it) sandwich, a pickle spear, carrot sticks and Hockey stick cheese slices. I also cut them up one large strawberry to share but they both ate the berries before I could snap the pictures. -sigh- Today was the first day there was no carrot stick negotiating and in fact he tried to pawn one of his carrots off on DD's plate.

DD had the same thing as Nephew with different shapes. He had the hockey she had in the spring. A tulip shaped sandwich, ketchup included. A pickle spear, carrot sticks and heart shaped cheese slices in the form of another flower, or as DD tells me, a three leaf clover. Whatever. I'm very glad she's using her imagination and recognizing different shapes but my intent was another flower because there will be a very very big clover theme for St Patty's Day in a few short days.

Plates were emptied and they asked for a small snack so I gave them a few goldfish crackers. The balancing seemed to have worked because it's 20 minutes to 5 and they're both hungry! I guess I better start dinner. We're having tacos!

Happy blogging!

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  1. Too cute!!! Who knew that changing the shape would work?! (Certainly, I never did!) Glad your new plan is working today. :)