Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dinosaurs go roar!

Or so I was informed by DD today.

"Mommy, mommy there's a dinosaur on my plate! ROOOOOAAAARRRR! That's what dinosaurs say. Did you know that, Mommy?" She squealed excitedly as they sat down to eat. They had sandwiches again today. Nephew asked for turkey and cheese, with only a little bit of turkey and lots of cheese on his sandwich please and thank you very much. I gladly gave into that request because he said he'd eat the turkey.

Well lunch time came and he took exactly two bites of his dino-sandwich and proclaimed himself done with it, because he doesn't like it. So I gave him a bite of my bologna sandwich and he asked if he could have half, because he DID like it. So I cut my sandwich in half and gave him the half he already bit from. When lunch was officially over, and seconds of pickles and apples had been dished out, Nephew told me he'd like bologna again tomorrow, as long as I didn't put the yucky red stuff on it again (ketchup), but kept the chips. Which in my opinion is probably the only reason he ate it to begin with, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

DD's Plate
Lunch today consisted of a dinosaur sandwich. Turkey with cheddar, mayo and mustard for DD. Bologna with ketchup and ruffles chips for Nephew. A pickle spear, kiwi slices, apple slices, carrot sticks, small handful of chips and 2 birthday oreos.

Nephew's Plate
For those of you who don't know, Oreo celebrated it's 100th birthday yesterday, so sometime mid February they released their birthday cake Oreo. Which is mighty tasty but doesn't taste much like birthday cake...More like birthday cake frosting stuffed between the classic dark chocolate cookies.

This is the design for the limited time cookies. But they are very good. If you like Oreos, you should pick up a package while you still can.

After lunch we did, some worksheets inside their workbooks. DD is preparing for her early entrance to kindergarten test she will take later this summer. Today we worked on penmanship and they did A LOT of tracing and writing. Then after workbooks they got to go outside and enjoy a nice *almost* spring day.

We had a very nice day and hopefully there will be some more sun tomorrow so they can have more outside time and maybe we can take Nephew's doggie on a much needed walk down the street. Happy blogging!

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