Tuesday, March 27, 2012

lunchtime fun

It started with a note.

Tucked delicately into an egg for Nephew T to read. I made their "Muffin Tin Monday lunch" and put everything in Easter eggs. Hid them around the kitchen and dining area. then I called them all down to lunch.

"Uhhh, Auntie Kara. Where's my lunch?" Nephew asked when they got to the table. I gave them the rules and made sure the little ones listened to Nephew T read the note very carefully. Then it was on! they had a blast finding the eggs and Nephew T asked that I hide his better next time (Next time?! You actually WANT me to make lunch again? -happy dancing-) but other than the eggs being too easy to find, they loved the lunch.

You may wonder why I'm doing an Easter lunch almost 2 full weeks before Easter, but I'm not going to get another Monday with my Nephews before Easter because next week is SPRING BREAK! Nephew's mommy has conferences all this week, so Nephew T has half days and is looking forward to lunches with me.


Nephew T

 They all look so happy! These are the pictures of the memories I am making, that make everything else I do in my life as a mom worth it!

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  1. You are a wonderful. You are also making wonderful memories for Nephew T and DD.