Saturday, March 31, 2012


So this is it. The end of the month long challenge. It was pretty intense. Some days were a lot harder than others. And some days were unbelievably easy. Writing wise anyway.

In life, those days had their ups and downs too. Today for example, Day 1 of spring break and I wake up not feeling well. Stuffy, coughing, achy.


So I get up and chug a glass of juice, pour some cereal for DD and myself and start my day. We've got big plans to spring clean everything. Today was the playroom. Most peoples first choice for cleaning? No probably not. The method behind my madness? To have the playroom cleaned and the arts center set up to entertain DD while I do the rest of the house. Genius? I think so.

I got the whole room done.

You might have noticed a lack of toys. They're not in the toy box either. Part of my spring cleaning plan is to take advantage of Husband and make him take DD shopping for a new toy tomorrow morning. New lego set perhaps? I'm not sure what yet, but I do know that while they're gone I will be going through the 3 1/2 totes full of toys and throwing away anything broken, packing away baby stuff, and making a donation pile of the toys she never ever plays with.

This way I won't have to hear "Mommy, no, I want that. I promise I'll play with it." Only to find out next week it already has a layer of dust and the faint smell of an ignored toy on it.

Afterwards, God willing, I will have an empty tote ready to pack up the kitchen toys (food, dishes, etc..) and it will be the kitchen "island" to help her cook. And the rest of the keeper toys will go in the colored bins.

The accomplished feeling I got looking at the room while I took those pictures made me feel so much better. I think the lunch of subway helped also.

I'm so glad to have been part of this month long journey with you all. Thank you.

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  1. You inspire me to get some spring cleaning done, too. Only I have 2 weeks left before mine. Smart putting toys away while daughter is away. :)