Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today's lunch centered around school. Well, specifically, the letter and number of the day they learned in school. DD and Nephew are in preschool 2 days a week and today they did the letter R and the number 6.

So when they asked for grilled cheese I decided to make it fun and give them something special.

DD's plate

Nephew's plate

Here's what we had:

Grilled cheese cut into a rabbit
Raspberry Lemonade yogurt with 6 sprinkles
6 Red strawberry slices
Cheese slice cut into an R & 6
Carrot sticks and and small salad (Rabbit food)
Ranch flavored Pringles
Milk in red cups

I asked them to tell me what they thought I did to their plates and they both excitedly yelled something different but equally right. DD shouted the letter of the day right when Nephew shouted the number of the day! They were able to tell me which part of the meal went with either the number or letter, right down to the moment when DD picked up her cheesy 6 and said "Mommy did you know this is a tricky six because when it stands upside down it's a NINE!" I could not be prouder of them. I'm happy with the way the plates looked and they were big hits too.

Nephew didn't like his raisins, but had second helpings of rabbit food. DD ate everything except a few bites of her salad and then she had Nephew's raisins. The family dog even joined in on the meal. After everyone was done eating and washed up she got to eat the crusts of the sandwhiches so none of it went to waste.

This was the first lunch I've served in a very long time that was gobbled up and both plates were pretty much cleared of everything and no snacks were asked for after because they had snacks included and were actually full after eating!


  1. Wonderful lunches and what great success! Makes all that trouble worth it right?!! I love it! Your blog will be great!

  2. What an exciting lunch. What wonderful memories you made for them. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I think this is like having a party on every plate! How fun!